How to Protect Yourself When Hiring a Roofing Contractor


on the roofThere are advantages to being protective and vigilant about one’s home and the finances involved. For one, there are many roofing contractors who tend to bend the rules for their own benefit alone, often resulting to concerns regarding quality and expenses on your part. There are instances when even the honest contractors would falter. That’s why it’s crucial to know these four steps that would protect any homeowner from any misconduct or mistakes of roofing contractors.

It’s crucial to make sure that the boise roof repair contractor you hire has worker’s compensation insurance coverage. This will save you from major expenses in the event that the contractor gets into an accident while doing his job in your property. The insurance will pay for his medical expenses and hospitalization.

It’s also crucial to look for liability insurance coverage from your replacement windows boise contractor. This will take care of the expenses if ever he neglects his job and causes damages on your property. There are instances when the contractor has liability insurance but it comes with a lot of exclusions. Always look for coverage that does not exclude water damage because of an uncovered roof.

One other thing to ensure is the contractor’s business license. It’s as simple as if they don’t have a business license there’s a chance that they don’t know the business they are in. It’s better if they simply disappear or shut down their business.

There are states wherein there are specific licenses required for different services such as in Utah wherein there’s a general roofing license and shingle license required for contractors doing business in the said state.

One other protective technique you should do as regards the contractor you hire is the lien waiver. Be sure to ask this from the contractor after the job is done and right before you hand him your payment. This is to ensure that you won’t be liable for any payment that is not forwarded by the contractor to his employees and suppliers. This simply ensures that the owner of the property won’t have to pay twice for the project.

The best thing to protect yourself is to ask for a proof that the contractor you hire has all the insurance coverage listed above as well as the licenses required. Don’t forget the lien waiver right after everything is finished.

If you do this to any contractor who earned your trust, not only will you be comfortable with your choice; you will also have peace of mind.


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